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Monday, June 28, 2010

Tidbits from T

I'm up early, and thought I'd steal these few minutes for some tidbits. You know, just some random things and some of the "goings-on" of our family.

~~~The girls have slept together pretty much every night the last couple of weeks. There has only been one night that Jessica sent Emma Grace back to her bed. I was glad because I thought they both needed a really good night's sleep by themselves. They have been going to bed MUCH later than I would like this the tune of 10:30 to midnight. But unless we have a reason to get up early, they will sleep until about 9 or 10.

~~~Gib is still getting up early to go workout with his buddies from work. They have started doing P90X the last couple of weeks, and he really likes it. I thought it would annoy me that he's getting up early this summer, but it doesn't. Typically by the time he's getting up or leaving, I can no longer find a comfortable position and am ready to get up anyway. Thankfully, he's not getting up at 3:30 or 4am like he does when school is in session!

~~~Buddy has been ordered back to his crate to sleep at night. Before you feel sorry for him, he does love his crate. Aunt Barbara embroidered his name on a wonderful fleece blanket that stays by my bed. He loves to sleep on it in the space between my dresser, nightstand and the wall. He will turn toward the wall and scratch it loudly when he moves. And he snores. Apparently just like me these days! But he won't stay there all night. He gets up to plop himself down on the cold bathroom floor, too. He also has this terrible habit of chewing his feet. When he started doing this, I took him to get his nails clipped thinking that was the problem, but he didn't stop. One night I got tired of hearing his noises and to his crate he went. Would you know that was the best night's sleep I'd had in weeks? Maybe months! I realized I was waking up to his every move/noise. I thought about putting his blanket in his crate, but he has started trying to chew it lately. It's too nice to let him chew holes in, so until he can behave himself, he gets nothing in the crate with him...which is probably better since it's still summer.

~~~We've been doing absolutely terrible with our food budget...eating out way too much! I just don't have much of an appetite, whether eating at home or elsewhere. Nothing really sounds good. It's very frustrating. But I remembered this happened with Grady, too. Jessica helped me plan meals through Thursday of this week which was very helpful. I went to the store yesterday and got everything we need which feels like a great accomplishment. I actually managed to make meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans and zucchini last night for dinner. Dinner wasn't so bad, but the clean-up was a bear!

~~~Speaking of going to the store, I got the sweetest email from a blogger friend who lives close by. We will call her S because I don't know if she wants to be identified. We met a very round-a-bout way. It's interesting, so I'll share.

When I went to meet MckMama, I also met another lady and struck up a conversation. When I told her where I lived, she asked me if I knew S. I told her I was familiar with the name and was pretty sure that one of S's children attended the preschool. I was right. So on the day of the Thanksgiving or Christmas parties, I hunted S down and introduced myself. We follow each others blogs and have seen each other a few times at the grocery store. Sweet, sweet woman!

Back to the email...I was blown away. She offered to clean my house, go to the grocery store for my family and take pregnancy pictures of me. WOW! I haven't answered the email yet, but my heart is touched. Deeply! Thank you S! Your thoughtfulness is beyond words!

~~~I'm running out of time to finish my tidbits today. I've had to take a couple of breaks because if I sit too long, I get a bit lightheaded and dizzy. I guess the weight from my belly constricts the blood flow to my upper body. Sigh. I just heard a noise and realized it was my alarm clock going off in the bedroom. I have an appointment this morning at 10am for another NST. Jessica is going with me, and I have to take Emma Grace by Gib's school. It's time for me to get going.

~~~But one more thing before I do. Gib and Jessica are running in a 5K on July 10th. Gib has wanted to do a 5K for a long time, and he found one close by. He invited Jessica to join him, and she's all over it!


They ran two miles around our subdivision last night, and she did great. She's coming with me to my appointment today because we're getting her some new running shoes so she can break them before the big day. I'm so excited for them!

Hope y'all have a great day!



  1. Tonya, what a precious gift from S... that makes me so happy for you... You deserve every bit of pampering anyone offers you:) Wish I lived closer and could bring you a meal to help with the summer time eating... I know sometimes I lack total ambition to do anything...

    Thinking of you and praying for you and baby boy... tell Jessica that is awesome and the Hintz crew will be cheering her and Dad on from OK:)

  2. Tonya, I am so so excited for Jessica and her first big race. What a great thing for her to do with her daddy!
    Praying for you daily. Please let me know if you need anything. My offer to take the girls to the pool for you stands. Elijah and I love going to the pool and taking your girls would be an extra treat!