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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day, 2010

Happy Father's Day Gib!

Gib is so easy-going and never wants the spotlight on him. Instead of honoring that, I decided to put the spotlight on him here on my blog. He doesn't treat Father's Day as any big deal. His words today were, "Every day is Father's Day when I'm with my girls". Apparently I'm included in "the girls". I thought it would be special to have Emma Grace and Jessica write a few words to their Daddy today.

I love you Gib, and I'm so thankful you're the father of my children...all four of them. Anyone can be a father, but you're a Daddy to them. I love you so much! T

Here's a message from Emma Grace, with typing help from me:

"I'm thankful that you're in our family. You're nice. I like when you wrestle with me. I like when you tickle me. I love you 'cuz you're my heater and you're my snuggle-bug! I made this snuggle-bug song up for Father's Day. It's a good memory of Father's Day. Why do you slobber all over me when you kiss me? I really don't like when you do that! It makes me get the chills. You say to Mommy that I'm getting sick 'cuz I have bumps. But I will always remember this moment of Father's Day. It's the most favoritest thing that I've been looking forward to seeing. Finally I get to see it 'cuz it's been so long. [She's talking about Father's Day] It's a happy, joyful moment. With all the excitement and joyful love. I LOVE MY DADDY! [Said with MUCH excitement] And my mommy. And my sister. And Dumplin'. And I'll always miss Baby Grady. It's a sad moment without him. I've always wanted to see him in the crib. It smells like a baby in his room. The next time I sleep in my room I think you should put me to bed three nights in a row. I just think you're a fun Daddy! With my favorite Daddy, I would always have fun with you. And I would take you places on your birthday. And I'll never forget this moment that we wrote this. I JUST LOVE MY DADDY! It's the specialist moment that I've ever seen. 'Cuz we're writing about you. With my favorite Daddy, I will hope you will never die. And I will never forget this Happy Father's Day. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY DADDY! Love, Snuggle-bug."

And now a message from Jessica, typed especially for you, by her:

"Dear daddy,

I hope that you had a very joyful Father's Day. When i get mad at you it's not because i don't love you. I have list of things that recognize who you are. So here it goes:

G = greatful, gratitude

I = intellegent

B = ur a bonus of a dad

B = ur the best

Y = young

Those are the things that i like about you. One thing that i hope happened today is that you had a excellent Father's Day. I love when you wreastle with me and eggy. I'm glad god put me in your life. I love when you tickle me sometimes. When you kiss me it gives me chills. When you do that you tell mommy that i'm getting sick.I love that you let us get Buddy. One thing that i wish i could do is make you like Buddy.

ur little Princess"


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