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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Catching Up

I have a confession...

I hardly ever get on blogger anymore.

*hide my eyes in shame*

I miss it, and I know that I'm letting valuable memories for our family slip away. But, the truth is that I just don't take time to blog anymore. By the time the kids are in bed, I'm ready to go to bed, too. And I fall asleep with the girls most nights anyway. But I feel as though I'm betraying someone by not blogging. Maybe it's myself I'm betraying because I once loved it so much and still have a deep desire to continue.

I logged on tonight to blog about our recent trip to Colorado, but the thought of uploading all the pictures makes me tired. So, once again, I took the easy way out and just titled this "Catching Up".

I want to elaborate on each of these topics, but if my past is an indication of my future, I will fall short...once again. :(

One of the biggest things that has happened lately is that Matthew started taking steps ALL BY HIMSELF last Tuesday, February 28, 2012 (19 1/2 months old). We were at physical therapy, and he just took off. I was so excited I cried and his therapist was thrilled, too. He has continued at home and I think we scare him with our claps and praises. He has been fitted for a brace for his right leg which should help him "take off" according to the doctor.

I started my own support group with Rock Goodbye Angel the beginning of February and so far, I think it is going well. It is so humbling and meaningful to see how God is using the hurt of losing Grady to reach out to others. One of my favorite NICU nurses (Kay) with Emma Grace sat on my bed, hugged me and whispered in my ear "God never wastes a hurt" the day after Grady was born. I see that becoming more and more true as time passes, and I'm so thankful.

Reconciliation with my brother-in-law, Arthur (Gib's brother), has been such a blessing. We hadn't spoken in four years, partly due to hurt feelings on my part and miscommunication and stubbornness from both of us. But since reconciling in the Bahamas last summer, our families have been together three times, and we have seen him four times in the past eight months. He so generously flew the five of us to Colorado the middle of February for the girls' midwinter break. They have a beautiful home, as well as a beautiful mountain home in Copper Mountain...and I mean it's right on the mountain. You can see people going up the ski lift and skiing down. He put the girls in private ski lessons which they loved! Jessica was a "natural", and Emma Grace did well too...she just had a hard time turning left! :)

Last week, I had a blast with my blog-turned-real-life-friend, Sara. She and five of her seven children came to stay two days with us. It wasn't nearly long enough, but I was so thankful it wasn't just one night like her visit two years ago. It was great to just be with her. I feel like we have been friends for years!!! I'm thinking about being a big girl and driving to Oklahoma this summer...we'll see!

Jessica tried out for cheerleading again this year, but unfortunately, she didn't make it. She was disappointed but she took the news like a champ. She has kept her head high and her chin up. There was more competition this year, and she knows she needs to work on a few things. She knows she did her best, and she's not giving up, which I'm most proud of.

That's all the "news" this tired brain can think of right now. I won't make any promises, but I do hope I'm back soon to post some pictures and elaborate more on what's been going on. I'm not sure why you still visit, but I'm so glad you do. Thanks!



  1. That is exciting that Matthew has started walking!!! Yay!!! Way to go Matthew!!! I know that means a lot.

    I am glad that you blogged to fill us in on what you all have been doing. I have missed you. (:>)

    That is neat that you and your brother-in-law have reconciled. Healing feels good...I know.

    God is so faithful...and He is a God of reconciliation! (:>)

    I enjoyed your music on here as I was reading the post, and then leaving my comment. Music ministers to our hearts so much doesn't it!

    Glad your friend Sara and her kids could come for a visit. The more the merrier I always say! (:>) I would love to meet some of my blog friends. After blogging for so many years now ya start to form some really close friendships with those who will let ya in to their lives.

    I hope you will find time to blog when you feel like it Tonya. But only if it doesn't put you on overload. You have been through a lot these past few years...and I think you should just do it if you want to honey. If not....then do what feels right for you...

    Love, Linda

  2. I keep coming back, cause I love you friend... It was such a treat to be with you all! Praying for you!