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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Little, Big Things

Today, the little things have added up to be big things. This is one day I'm ready to say adios to! I should be finishing up Matthew's 9 month post, but I'm not sure I have the patience tonight to upload the rest of the pictures.


Instead, I think I'll share with you what a comedy of errors my day has been.

1. Decided while I was pumping this morning that I would try to organize some of the pictures on my computer. While clicking and dragging pictures into new folders, I somehow made my sidebar with the titles of my folders disappear. That put an end to my organizational efforts. And for the life of me, I can't get the page back to the way it was.

2. Was feeding Matthew a bottle before we left for physical therapy. I started watching something on TV and looked down to a full bottle. For some reason, the nipple had clogged and nothing was coming out (even though it was breastmilk). Sweet, laid back Matthew wasn't fussing a bit. He was just sucking on the nipple with nothing coming out. Changed the nipple, finished the feeding and was late leaving for PT.

3. Couldn't find my keys. Looked everywhere. I mean everywhere. Spent so much time looking for them that I almost called the therapist to say that we weren't coming. Found them in my purse that I had left in the car after taking Emma Grace to school. I sooooo don't remember putting them there and never leave them in the car.

4. Got a text early in the morning from hubby asking if I could bring the checkbook by his work. Sure, we were going right by there, so Matthew and I took it on our way home. It fell down between my seat and the console of the van. I picked it up, handed it to Gib, he opened it to find no checks. Luckily, I had enough cash for what he needed.

5. My gas light came on driving home. Prayed I would make it to the gas station, which I did. However, as I was putting my debit card up, it fell on the other side of the console and is now jammed in the side of the seat, and I can't get it out. It is still there tonight at 10:11 as I type this.

6. While I'm looking between the seats, I see the new book of checks that fell out of the checkbook when I picked it up from its previous tumble.

7. Took Buddy out when I got home but decided it was a pretty day so Matthew would come with us. Put his cute little hat on because the sun was bright and out we went. Got the mail. Hands full with baby, mail and leash, and the wind decided to blow Matthew's hat off his head. And it kept blowing. Away. Put the leash and mail down on a shrub and chased the hat with baby in my arms.

This was taken the other day, but isn't he cute in his hat? I couldn't let it get away!

8. Other small things have happened like dropping things left and right, splattering water all over myself while washing dishes tonight, and my girls having a hard time listening and following directions.

I know these are small, little inconveniences, but today they have seemed big. Huge ,in fact. I've been one big grump. I'm ready for bed. And I hope tomorrow will be much happier, more productive and less clumsy!

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  1. Praying for a better day for you tomorrow friend. Miss you! Wow, does Matthew look adorable in that hat... so sweet!