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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


In the lobby, waiting to be called for surgery. I was a trooper for not having much to eat drink this morning!

Been weighed. Vitals taken. Gown on. Ready!

Mommy decided to make Daddy be the one to go back with me until I went to sleep.

Daddy rested his eyes and Mommy read her book while they waited for me. The anesthesiologist came out and told them she got my IV on the first stick. I don't remember any of it!

About 45 minutes later, Dr. R came and told Mommy and Daddy that he was all finished with my surgery. He said I did have TWO hernias, but the second one was smaller than the first. I'm so glad Mommy asked him to look on the other side.

The nurse brought me to my Mommy's arms when I was ready. I was SOOOO sleepy still.

Then all of a sudden, I decided I was ready to wake up. I opened my eyes a little earlier, but I was too sleepy to keep them open. I drank some apple juice and some Mommy milk and was ready to go home!

I found the red light on my pulse oximeter very intriguing and couldn't stop playing with it.

The IV in my foot didn't bother me much at all.

We were hoping the nurse would hurry up and come take my vital signs one more time so we could go home!

Ahhh. There she is! Let's go!


I forgot to take a picture of us leaving. We were starving and ready to head home. The actual surgery probably only took about 45 minutes. Matthew pulled the trick of holding his breath in recovery, so they monitored him for a little longer than normal in the post op room. So far he has done great. He's a bit fussy but not too bad. At least not yet. The doctor didn't give him anything for pain. Tylenol or Mortin should do the trick. He is currently sleeping again, so we'll see what the night brings.

Thanks so much for your thoughts, prayers and comments. It means the world to me that you care for our boy and our family so much!

Oh, and the spacing with all these pictures is driving me crazy! But I'm too tired to go in and fix them all. Maybe later...



  1. Praise God! I am so glad that Matthew is ok and you are all home. I am praying for no pain tonight and a restful night for all.


  2. So glad to hear that things went so well!

  3. Praise the Lord!! I'm so so thankful, Tonya. I hope that tonight is restful for all of you. Matthew looks so cute in his little gown with his paci. Such a sweetie!

    love you all,

    p.s. LOVE your hair!

  4. Yay!!! I am praising God for answered prayers Tonya. Looks like he did great! I am glad you are home. I hope he rests well through the night....and you too.

    Love, Linda @ Truthful Tidbits