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Monday, March 21, 2011

Online Photo Storage

Happy Monday!

So far, I've been somewhat productive...if you count doing three loads of laundry, pumping milk, playing with my baby and now blogging. Oh, and getting the girls to school and cleaning up more from Emma Grace's birthday party yesterday. Now to make a weekly menu and grocery list. Uggh!

Gib finally showed me last night how to upload pictures from our camera to the computer. I was amazed at how easy it was, including making new folders and such. Now, I'm on the hunt for a good, FREE online photo storage option. I know Shutterfly and Snapfish are good for printing and such, but I want a place to store them, download from, share on my blog, etc.

Do you have a favorite online photo storage site/company? If so, please share who and why.

Thanks so much!

And, because I can just click on them and it's much easier than plugging my camera in, here are a few pics for you to enjoy.



  1. I did some research recently about this. I condensed a lot of what I learned into THIS BLOG POST, including who charges what for how much service. You may have read it already! But it's good to know which sites allow only one computer to access it per household, verses multiple computers/multiple systems (PC, Apple, etc.) So far, I've only begun using DropBox, and only for my writing documents. If I started storing pictures, I'd eat up my free space and have to buy storage -- at about the same price per year as Carbonite. (Of course, Carbonite only allows one computer per account, and I plan to buy a laptop one of these days!)

    And speaking of cameras, thanks for sending mine back. Just in time, too! I LOST our new camera on Friday. Ugh. Dying over here! :((

  2. I upload all my pictures to Picasa. It's easy to use in blogs. Nice to meet you this weekend!


  3. Hi Tonya! Thank you so much for following us and leaving such sweet comments! I wanted to respond to your last comment about checking both sides for hernias when Matthew has surgery. Our surgeon said she prefers to check both sides just to make sure. I'm glad we did that way we aren't wondering if he'll end up back in surgery to fix the other side. Hope ya'll have as good of an experience as we did!

  4. Love you and your family!!!

    I use a couple of different storage sites. I like shutterfly, kodak gallery that is connected with Target so I can print things off easily, and one more that I can't think of right now. ; )

  5. I like shutterfly, you can create a site for free with it too and this is where I put all HK's pics for family (if you do the site it looks a lit like a blog and you can set it to private). I have downloaded dropbox but haven't used it much yet. I've seen folks use flickr for blogposts and have an account I use periodically, but don't think it's very user friendly (pic quality is wonderful though). If you dont have a picasa I'd add it because it sets up an album with your blog photos in it. Good luck!