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Monday, April 12, 2010


I seriously have four different posts brewing in this here noggin' of mine. But instead of going deep and sharing pics and details of Dumplin', Spring Break and Easter, I decided a few minutes ago that I would jump into a "Not Me Monday" post. Hop over to MckMama's blog , or click the button above, if you want details of how you can participate, too. (I'm not sure she will have a link-up today since she's on vacation, but I'm doing one anyway!)

~~~I did NOT announce to my sweet blog readers that I'm pregnant again, and since then a week has passed by with no other posts on the subject. Nope! I'm definitely more considerate than that!

~~~I did NOT back into my husband's car for the second time last week while he was home for Spring Break. I did NOT tell him good-bye and proceed to mesh the colors of our bumpers. I did NOT slam on my brakes, put my hands on my head and shout, "Oh no, I did it again". And I most certainly did NOT do it with both of my children in the car along with our sweet friend from next door. NOT ME!

~~~I also did NOT have lunch at my favorite mexican restaurant with a friend of mine last week and was so busy running my mouth that I forgot to get Emma Grace from school. I did NOT call my husband in a panic since he was home with the pick-up card for carpool and tell him to go get her right away. His response to my call was NOT "Oh crap!" We are much more responsible parents than that! Thanks to her Daddy, she was picked up on time and never knew that we almost forgot her...WHEW!

~~~I did NOT have breakfast with one of my "besties" Saturday morning on her last day in town. I most certainly did NOT eat every bite of my Momma's French Toast Breakfast at Cracker Barrel along with my side order of grits. NOT ME! I'm healthier than that you know...

~~~I did NOT do the ugly cry in church yesterday in response to the conclusion of our sermon. I did NOT sniffle and snort and try to keep myself from hyperventilating until we were dismissed. I did NOT spend the rest of the day lamenting over it, and I definitely did NOT consider staying home from small group last night because of the topic we were discussing. I'm much stronger than that.

~~~I did NOT witness my husband dump Jessica head first into a huge cardboard box filled with 70% off stuffed Easter animals last night at Kroger. I did NOT stand there and laugh with them while I watched Jessica struggle to get herself out. NOPE! I would reprimand them and give Jessica a helping hand for sure!

~~~I did NOT consider cutting the feet out of a pair of tights to make them footless for Jessica to wear under a skirt to a dance at her school Friday night. I would definitely plan ahead and buy her proper footless tights. However, she spared me the difficult decision when she tried on the tights because the crotch didn't go much past her knees. Thankfully she decided to wear jeans.

I guess that's about all that I've NOT been up to! I promise to post more about Dumplin' soon!


  1. This post cracked me up! Thanks for tickling my funny bone this morning :)

    Thanks too for being such a loving friend and dropping everything to check on Sidney last night. I know I called you smack dab in the middle of the bedtime hour. I appreciate you so much.

    Just as you suspected, Sid has a red throat with white bumps. Off to the doc's office at nine.

    Hope you have a great day :))

  2. Tonya,
    You are so funny... we have had the same backing up car issue many time... ugh... I can so relate to that feeling of shock and unbelief that you could do it again. Tonya, just like you said... I have been thinking of you soooo soooo much. Truly, you are on my mind everyday. We will have to talk soon friend. Praying in earnest for you sweet friend. Thanks for the funny post on a Monday... I needed it:)

  3. Oh my goodness, pregnancy brain maybe?? I'm super clumsy these days myself.. it's kind of funny.

    Where have you been, by the way?! Missing you!

  4. Tonya~
    You are too funny girlie!

    See you tomorrow,