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Thursday, April 15, 2010

*MORE* Fun Pictures!

So, I challenged myself to add more pictures. And when I did, I forgot that Emma Grace had her seven year old check-up this afternoon. But I have a little time while dinner is are a few more pictures for your (and our) viewing pleasure.

Jessica, my tall softball player who is catching and enjoying it.

Emma Grace, who for some reason likes to get in Buddy's crate with him.

And taken just a little bit ago, Emma Grace, "cool rider", with a huge Blow Pop in her mouth.


I have to work, so I don't have time for a real post this morning. Here is a hodge-podge of some pictures taken recently in no particular order. Hope you enjoy!

These girls are so creative with their imaginations. They made this "mailbox" yesterday from a log (which Jessica carried from the back to the front - we're not sure why she didn't just roll it!), tape and flowers. They will write letters to each other and put them here. Yes, the sun was very much in their eyes! Too fun!

A girl and her dog.

Spring break fun with Daddy home, jammin' to some Band Hero.

Buddy and a few of his "treasures".

Sidewalk chalk drawings of our family. I took pictures of each member, but they didn't all turn the right way when I loaded them, and I don't have time to mess wtih it right now. However, the girls with the Baby Grady angel turned out good.

That's all I have time for this morning. Maybe more later?! The challenge is on...

Have a great day!



  1. Adorable Tonya... I loved seeing Gib with the girls and how creative of them to make the mailbox...

    Praying for you sweet friend. May the Lord comfort your heart and bring you joy today.

  2. Love the pics!! That mailbox cracked me up!!!!

  3. Such fun pictures!

    Thanks for talking with me today. I really needed it.
    Josh is calling me sometime late night... I'll let you know, but as far as he can tell- everything is good.