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Friday, June 10, 2011

Kissing and Clapping

Hello to my long, lost blog friends!

I don't know what my deal is lately. I want to blog, but I find other things to do instead. I do have to say, however, that I've been fairly productive around my house and it needs to continue! We had a garage sale last weekend and most everything that didn't sell was donated. What a good feeling it is to clean stuff out!

Anyway, the topic of this blog post isn't about's about clapping and kissing.

Matthew has learned to do both this week. Oh my.

He. Is. So. Stinking. Cute.

But, I'm a little biased.

When I ask for kisses, he opens his mouth and leans into me. Be still my heart! I think his favorite person to kiss is Jessica, though. She gets the most of any of us. He knows a pretty girl when he sees one!

He has also learned to clap his hands. It's not your typical clap, though. Nope. His right hand doesn't open. So, he claps with his right hand in a fist and his left completely open. He doesn't know the difference...he's just proud of himself, as are we. I'm thankful he has at least learned to do the motion of clapping and is appropriate with it when we say, "Yay" to him.

He has been fitted for a splint for that right hand, and we should get it at physical therapy next week. The original thought was that he would only sleep in it, but the occupational therapist said he might need to wear it more often. He is again favoring his left hand and has become very temperamental about anyone messing with his right. If he doesn't want to move it, he doesn't want anyone else to move it either. I'm glad he is asserting some independence, but unfortunately, he won't win this battle.

Just a short update on our little man. He has recovered well from his double ear infections from last week. He had his first trip to the pool earlier this week. He wasn't too keen on it at first, but ended up loving it! He will be 11 months in just a few days, so a more detailed post will come soon.

Hope y'all have a great day!



  1. Yeah! So glad to hear how he is doing! We are at St. George this week but hopefully we can catch up when we get back! Give the boy a squeeze for me!


  2. Yay, Matthew! Has it really been 11 months? Man does time fly!
    I will be in Georgia some this summer, we should try to get together if your schedule isn't too crazy.


  3. So glad to see a post. Matthew is so sweet. I know y'all love those kisses!

    Glad he is clapping and doing all of these fun things.

    And I cannot believe he is nearly a year old already! Wow! Times goes by so quickly.

    I need to clean out some things and have a garage sale...but never seem to do it. Glad you had a good one, and have been enjoying the time off from blogging. I haven't been blogging cuz I have a computer and /or blogger issue. Lynnette and Abigail are coming over tonight...Maybe they can help figure it out.

    Have a good weekend.

    Love, Linda