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Thursday, June 16, 2011

11 Months

Wow, only one more month and this little guy will be one whole year old! I absolutely cannot believe it! And he will get to celebrate in the Bahamas! Whoo hoo!

My pictures aren't great and he's in his jammies, but I am determined to get his monthly update posted on the correct date for once! The sign is such a challenge and my computer doesn't have photoshop to do anything fancy, so this is what we have...

Words cannot express how thankful I am for this sweet boy and how much I love him. He is growing up too fast, but it's oh-so-fun to see his personality continue to develop. He isn't saying much still. He has mastered the "bah, bah, bah" sound, and he loves to grunt. He is very purposeful in his grunting, though, and will often raise his eyebrows when doing it. He wants to say something and that is his way of communicating right now. Sometimes we grunt back at him, but more often we say something to him, like "Mama" or "Dada" or "cup" or "ball" or whatever is get the idea. I'm sure my pediatrician will have an earful for me at his 1 yr check-up.

He has learned to give me kisses, and oh my goodness, it is the sweetest thing ever! (except, of course, when his big sisters learned to do the same!) He opens his little mouth and leans into me/us, drool and all. That's what makes them so sweet! I. Could. Eat. Him. Up! And truth be known, I do most days! :)

This is his most favorite lovie. It's an Angel Dear lamb that Gib's cousins sent when he was born. He sleeps with it every night and holds it close to him all night long. I'm going to have to get a second one to have when this one gets dirty!

He still isn't crawling and isn't even close. He continues to roll and is now sitting very well. His physical therapy is progressing very slowly (and is pretty much at a standstill right now considering I can't get up and down off the floor without excruciating pain to my knees when they stretch, not to mention if he were to bang them...). He is starting to favor his left arm/hand again and is very temperamental about me doing anything that he doesn't want me to with his right. If I hold his left arm down to force him to use his right, he uses his move my hand off of his! Too funny! The therapist told me to put a sock on his left hand instead of holding it down. He promptly and proudly removed the sock. The girls heard her say to tape it, so I guess I will try that, but he will have to have long sleeves on first. I'm not going to tape his bare skin!

He is finally using his tongue more when he eats, and I've been giving him a few finger foods. Problem is that he doesn't put the food to his mouth. He tries to pick it up, and if he succeeds, he just holds it in his hand. If I put it in his mouth for him, he goes to town. I keep telling myself to be patient. He still has a great appetite, gets three solid meals a day and 4 or 5 bottles of formula. He has mastered drinking from a sippy cup and is very proud of himself, as are we. He will drink from it and if we say, "Yay" he puts his cup down to clap for himself. His clapping is very cute, right hand in a fist and left hand open. Hopefully, we will get the hand splint in two weeks because he needs it to help hold his right hand open.

After physical therapy this week, we went to Chick-fil-A for lunch. He sat in a high chair for the first time in a restaurant, and he did great! I have the cutest picture on my phone, but I just tried to download it, and I can't. Bummer.

He continues to love to watch racing on TV. Gib says his favorite is Carl Edwards, #99. I'm still not sure how Gib stumbled upon racing one day, but he did and it captured Matthew's attention. When I'm gone and racing is on, I can rest assured that's what the "boys" are doing. He loves to play on the floor with his toys, and of course, jump in his exercauser.

He had his first visit to the pool one day last week. He wasn't so sure at first, but that only lasted a few seconds. He loves it! We have now gone three times and he just splashes and has a great time. The water was freezing to me today because it was cooler and rained last night, but it didn't bother him one bit!

He sleeps great, eats great, poops great, pees great, smiles a lot, and loves his big sisters. Not much more to add except that he's such a love, and we are oh so thankful for him!

Just for fun, this was him getting a bath tonight. Gib put him in the tub and made a mohawk on top of his head. I usually have his tub in the big tub, but since I can't get on my knees right now, I've resorted back to bathing him in the sink. And, what a wet mess it is because he loves to splash!

For the record, and just in case you're interested, Gib took pictures of my injuries earlier this week. They might not look bad, but I can assure you they hurt! However, I would much rather it be me than Matthew! And, I still can't tell you what a miracle it is that he is fine. Really. Praise God...again and again and again! Check out my second toe on the foot to your left. I think I broke the end of it if that's possible. Now the whole thing is black/blue.



  1. I just stopped by to check in on you. I haven't been on much. Matthew is so adorable. Getting big so fast. I can't believe it. I say he looks like you. Your injuries do look painful to me. But I am wimpy about that kind of stuff. There is a website called picnik where you can do photoshop-like things to pictures if you're interested. I love the site. Very user friendly.

    I read your last post too. I pray that whatever the situation is, you get through it with minimal stress.

  2. 11 months??? My goodness time flies! I don't know you, but have been following your journey since before Matthew was born and I can just not believe that it has been almost a YEAR!! Wow! He is absoultely adorable!! So, so precious! :)

    Sorry to read about your accident (and those injuries look SO painful) but I Hope you are on the mend soon!

    Have a great weekend! :)

  3. I can't believe 11 months, he is so sweet I just could love all on him. Speaking of, I would love to next week, I will be by myself all week so maybe we can do lunch. And your road's horrible. I am so sorry that happen. Love you and talk to you soon. LaRae

  4. I can't believe Matthew is 11 months, time flies!!
    Your road rash looks painful,ouch.... I am so sorry that happened but so thankful Matthew wasn't hurt.
    I will continue to pray for Matthew and you, I know that road is long and difficult but he will do everything he is suppose to, in his time.
    Morgan still has so many emotional/developmental delays. It is a struggle each day but I wouldn't trade any of it. She is the sweetest most loving of my kids.
    Have a wonderful trip to the Bahamas!!

  5. It's almost here! His first birthday is coming sooo quickly.

    I am sorry I will miss his party. I love seeing his pictures. He's adorable, simply perfect.
    I miss you guys.